H1b 2016 Petition Still in case was received status


MY H1B petition was picked up in thenlottory Apr13 this year. But still it is in Case Was received status. When it will get some update. it is already November end. When it will be approved. Still is there anybody else to receive update after receiving the Case Number.

Can i upgrade to premium processing ?



The employer always has the option to upgrade to PP. Discuss w/ them about this.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks much for your answer.

I have already waited till November. is it better to wait till i receive the update or upgrade to premium? What do you suggest?

Thanks in advance

I assume you are outside US.

If you have immediate need to get visa stamped and travel to US to work on H-1, then get it upgraded. If you want clarity on the result so that you can work on other employment/immigration options, then get it upgraded. If neither of these, then personally I would just wait and not spend $1225.00.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for quick replay and clarification.

When can i expect some update, Normally howmuch time USCIS takes to complete process for all the petiotions picked up in the lottory .is there any thing like they normally complete the processing by Dec or Jan as they have to accept the new applications in the april.

Thanks in advance

Their deadline is April 1, 2016 before start of next fiscal filings.

Hi Krishna,
Did your petition has been approved?
I’m still waiting for the case approval. My case status is still in Received.

Hi Praveen,

My petition is in the same status. i am waiting for the approval. Did you get information from USCIS or your employer about why it has not got any update sofar?


Hello Krish,

Did you get any updates on your case?
My case is in received state too…


I have not received any update. are you thinking of upgrading to premium processing?

Nope I don’t think there will be any use by upgrading now… My case is still in same state…

What about yours and Praveen? Any updates you guys have got?

Hi Ravi,
My case is also in Received state yet. My employer got info from USCIS that they are unable to give any deadline to process.

Hello did you receive any status , This year am also in the same boat … Your reply will really help . What was the case status at last

Hi there… Can you tell me finally when did your case get processed… earnestly request you to reply since I am in the same boat now.
Thank you ver much

Even i am face same issue… My case also received April 11 2016. Still no progress… please post any update on urs…

Hi Praveen,
I am in the same boat this year as on 3rd March 2017. My case got picked up on April 11 2016 and since is n Case received status.
Could you please throw light on did your case go through. What is the current status? Earnestly request you to reply please. Thank you very much.

Hi tara,

Any updates from ur side??

Hi… no update :(… hw abt u ?