H1b 2015 petition Approved, Can I still travel on F2 visa

Hi Sir,

My H1B petition is approved for the current year and  the status is still showing Initial Review.

I don't know how much time it will take to get approved. My case is Non AD RP.


Now coming to the main point, My husband is going to US on F1 visa in august 2014.

so should I and my son accompany him on dependent and then COS to H1b. or should I wait for my H1b to be approved?


If I apply for F2 visa, will VO come to know that i have H1b petition approved?


Please help me with your valuable inputs.

It is a matter of choice. You can do it either way. You can travel with your spouse on F2 visa and then do a COS to H1B later, it just helps you to stay along with your spouse. The only important information is that, next time when you travel out of USA, you would need to get your H1B stamping done.

Well, we do not know, if the VO would have such information. Even, if he has it, it should not impact your F2 stamping as both are different kinds of visas.

Thank you for your valuable input.