H1B 2015- Lottery- multiple apllications

Hi friends

Is it a good idea to apply multiple H1B’s for a single applicant(as it expected to have lottery this year also).

I will be very much thankful if some experts here could explain the pros & cons of it.



U can go for multiple petitions from different employers (but not from same employer)…

However U must withdraw one if both approved

Thanks for the reply. I had a similar addition to the question - is it risky from an approval perspective if multiple employers file for a single applicant? Has anyone heard of the same working against the applicant? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Many people do it for a better chance in lottery, I heard cases where people got filed more than 3 H1B’s… It wont be an issue…

Both will never ever get selected… for lottery only one is selected and others are eliminated if we have luck that one chosen for lottery will get selected… here is the reference … http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/71174-filing-multiple-h1s-does-increase-chances-in-lottery/