H1B -2014, if LCA approved and if i withdraw and re-apply to F1 ?

My query is regarding the H1B visa ,my employer has filed for my h1b 2014 if my LCA gets approved and due to my own personal reasons if i withdraw from H1B or drop, dont even book a slot for VISA .and again If i opt for F1 visa for i.e JAN 2014 for higher studies will the Visa consuler come to know during my F1 visa interview abt my LCA approved thing and will it be a mess during tat time as i referred to some sites it says the LCA thing is centralized . Plz do clarify my dought so tat i can plan accordingly .thanks hope to see a reply

LCA approval and H1B withdrawal shouldn’t harm any F1 visa.

Be clear on why you withdrew H1 and moved to F1 and answer accordingly during visa interview.

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