H1B 2013 Visa interview -VO questions at the consulate

Hi saurabh ,

                    My request is on H1B Visa interview questions , By this time most of our frnds might have recieved there H1B's wid I-797 and some are still waiting for them i hope result vl be out soon as we cleared the first stage now the major thing is attending the VISA and aniticipating the questions what VO will ask us ,i request you to start a fresh thread for VO questions which you and all the other members feel that they are important and if sample answers are provided with them then it would a good thing for all of us to prepare .Thanks

Thanks for the feedback.

I am still writing a new article on the visa stamping but its getting sidelined w/ other priorities. I will try to finish it soon so that people can start visa stamping related discussions there.

Yes saurabh i think most of our frnds are waiting for that article and definetly that would help us a lot and thanks for your hardwork and contribution.