H1B 2013 Rejected. Chances for getting approval for H1B 2014

I am working in an MNC. I am working for american express client. I was requested for RFE for my H1B. They asked for client letter, BRM letter and few others. I have provided all of them. In the BRM letter I mentioned the roles from my collegue who got H1B approval last year as it is with minor modifications.

 Now my H1B got rejected with the following reason.

The record, as presently constituted, is insufficient to establish that the position offered to the beneficiary qualifies as a speciality occupation and that you have sufficient work for the requested period of intended employment.

Consequently the petition is hereby denied for the above stated reason.

 Please let me know the chances of L1B approval if I apply now. If I apply for H1B 2014 what is the impact of my h1b 2013 denial, and also let me know the precautions before applying L1B or H1B

All Depends on the Documentation You Provide ,