H1B 2013 I797C Form approved - Whats Next?

Iam from India,Chennai and currently residing in Dubai with my wife

I applied for H1B visa through an employer in USA on April 2013 and my petition is approved in July 2013

My employer is not so aware of the formalities in India to get my visa stamped and they wanted to manage by myself, however they would mail me all the documents.

Iam planning for a vacation to india in Nov 2013 and i would like to have H1B stamped for me and H4 stamped for my wife. My tentative start date in USA is Jan 2014.

Is stamping starts only from Oct 2013? or i can schedule my interview prior to that also?

Please guide me all the steps for h1b and h4 and also i would like to get it stamped only in chennai which is my hometown

  1. you can get it stamped 90 days prior to 1st October 2013, so in your case you can go very well in November’13

    1. For All the step - please refer http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visaapply.asp