h1 yet to hear about application. Can I change employer?

My future employer has filed for my H1B visa. I have not heard back from USCIS yet. Can I change my employer ?

What would be the latest when I hear about my case status? If its accepted in lottery or not?

Changing the employer is up to you, but I am sure you won’t and keep on just wasting people’s time on the forum.

how can you file more than one application from different employer for first time h1b ?
this would be a reason if at all getting picked in lottery for one application and yet you will get denied for applying more than one application as they are linked with your passport numbers which will be shown up during screening.

hope for getting picked in only one by which they wont do screening for duplicate application, yet uscis software are much brilliant to sort out such applicants thought picked or not still gives number of applications file on one applicant.

Question: how did you future employer can file for your h1b knowing u already applied with existing employer ?
if applying from India then be sure to know your priorities.

Sorry for not being clear.
I am graduating in May 2015. I got an offer from company A in January2015 and it has filed for my H1b visa on April 1st. I havent heard back about my application yet (picked up in lottery or not)

Now my dream company has also offered me, and I wish to join the dream company. Can I do that even when I do not know the status of my file at USCIS?