H1 Visa Interview July 2021


I got the H1 Visa Interview slot today ( June 14 ) for 2nd week of July date. I am a fresh H1 case who got his H1 lottery in '20.
I want your view and expert opinion on the following

  1. Is the slot 2nd week of July open only for F1 and students?
  2. Does it put my H1 visa interview at risk?

I plan to travel sometimes in late August, early September.

  1. Will I need NIE ?

How is the H1 Visa interview selection percentage ? On my H1 , I will not work for any client directly but would work for my company’s internal Business Development and Sales team.
Will it impact me on anything ?

Thank you for reading and appreciate the help

This is most probably open slots for F1. H1B falls under the travel ban currently in effect. You should call and check with VFS if the appointment doesn’t let you choose the visa category and block you from booking appointment.

If you booked the appointment but the consulate only allows F1 interviews at this time, you may be turned down at the consulate before the interview. Check with VFS/consulate.

Unfortunately H1B don’t qualify for NIE unless the worker works on a position that provide vital support for critical infrastructure sectors. So you will need to wait till the ban is lifted.


There are no such stats for visa approval but if you work directly for the company that hires you (no 3rd party client) then the chances for approval are high.