H1 Transfer within India From Company A


I am having H1 valid till oct-2015 from Company A (stamped ) and I already traveled once to US.

  1.  Within India can I get H1 transfer done
  2.  Does Company A hold right to cancel H1 as I am having petition with me,what all things need to keep in  mind to avoid this scenario
  3.  If H1 is transferable within India what all point need to be taken into consideration



  1. Yes, a company can file cap-exempt petition for you while you are outside US

  2. Yes, they can withdraw the petition and/or get the visa stamp canceled in the passport. However, that doesn’t impact (1)

  3. You need to find a new employer and need to have proof of having made through the cap i.e. an approved petition. You will also need payslips and W2 for the period you were in US on H-1.