H1 transfer with valid i-94 and extension in progress

My original petition is valid from Dec 15, 2011 to Dec 15, 2013

i-94 expiration: Dec 14, 2012

H1 B extension applied by employer under normal process since Aug 9, 2012

I have a new employer B who would file for H1B transfer.

Does the h1 transfer become subject to approval of extension as well?

What time should the H1 transfer be filed so as to maintain the status and increase chances of approval for H1 transfer. Under what circumstances is the H1 transfer becomes independent of the extension.

What is the requirement for dependent visa in case of H1 transfer. Please reply with applicable fees.

If the transfer is filed prior to current I-94 expiration date, it will be independent of the extension. Once the I-94 expires, extension needs to be approved prior to transfer filing (as it creates a bridge scenario for I-94s)

If I leave current employer after submitting for transfer, can the current employer revoke the extension application. Am I affected if the transfer is pending while the i-94 expires and extension gets denied.

Is it advisable to go for premium process for transfer. Also what are requirements for existing h4. Does it also need to be transferred.

If you leave the employer after filing the transfer, they can revoke the extension process. This wouldn’t matter if the transfer was filed prior to current I-94 expiration date. You can continue to work for new employer based on pending transfer petition. You can go for PP if you want to get a quick response on your petition.

I assume H-4 I-94 is also expiring along w/ your I-94. So the new employer should also file for H-4 extension (there is no H-4 transfer but only H-4 extension) along w/ your H-1 transfer.

So after i file for transfer and it is accepted by uscis, it should not matter if i join new employer after expiration of current i-94 and before approval of the transfer.?

Not entirely. Your I-94 is expiring on Dec 14. So you need to join the new employer by Dec 14 and make sure transfer petition has been filed timely prior to Dec 14.

If you join the new employer on say Dec 20, then you will be considered out of status b/e 14th and 20th.

Does that clarify?

Sorry my question missed details. Only one thing i want to clarify now:

I file for transfer (say) nov 15 2012 and it gets accepted in 10 days.
I provide 30 day notice to current employer on nov 25 2012.
Later i join new employer on dec 25th or thereafter.
Am i still considered out of status between dec 14 and dec 25.

Yes, it would be out of status. You can work for old employer only until their I-94 expiration date. As it is just 10 days, you can check w/ new employer’s attorney if it can be a big issue or not.