H1 transfer while current H1 extension is in RFE / RFE Response Review

My current H1B was valid till Oct 23, 2014 and I had applied for extension. I received an RFE on my extension at this point, Dec 19.

I need help in getting a response for the following questions

What if I apply for a new H1B transfer with a new company, when my current H1 is in RFE or in RFE response review stage? Is there a difference while RFE is yet to be replied or RFE is responded already?

What if I go with premium processing on the new H1B transfer? Will it still wait for the extension RFE to get approved or denied? Because the extension application is normal process, and if there is a dependency with the new H1 transfer, will it take a longer time to get a decision on my new H1 transfer?

I read about consular processing. Just in case if I go for CP, will I get a question on what happened to my H1 extension? How should I respond to such a question?

Thanks in advance,