H1 Transfer to New Employer

I Came to US on January 2016 in H4 status, applied for H1B from A Company and got picked and Approved but have got I94 which mean still I am in H4 status, so need to apply for Change of Status. But I got an offer from B Company and I want to join B Company.

As of now from beginning my status is H4 only, I don’t have any pay stub and approval proof, but I do have receipt number and Receipt copy which say Approved in Online USCIS Website.

Can B Company able to transfer my H1b with out paystub and Approval Copy ?

As your H1B petition was approved in the year 2016-17 quota, you cant legally work till Oct1st of 2016. With that, you are good only if you dont have pay stubs.

Company B can file a new H1 petition for you(without paystubs) by having a copy of Company A approved petition(even screen shot also fine).

Thank you for prompt response ImmiGeek.
As I don’t have received I-94 hence I am still under H4 so I cannot work till COS apply and approved.
And also I have one more quick question as current employer is not giving the approved petition I enquired and heard that if we can see the online status in USCIS website that is also works for Transfer process.
Is that correct or a copy of approval notice is mandatory ?

Yes, you can use the current online status screenshot. Thats what I mean by the screen shot. Pl proceed

Thank you very much for your response it will help me a lot, I got one more question sorry for asking more question please bear me.
In my scenario if Company A is already applied for COS and Company B also started process tp transfer my petition(with COS) what happened. which will be treated as priority or any problem arised ?