H1 Transfer to Company A and Rejection


I have been with a company A since 2007. Now I am planning to move to a different company (B) to take a consultant role with new customer.   Company B is ready to file by H1-B transfer and suggesting to work with new customer immediately after receiving a receipt number. The following are my questions.

	Is it allowed to work with new customer on the receipt number of company B’s petition.

	What if my H1-transfer gets a rejection while I move to company B and start working for new customer. Can I file a transfer of my previous H1 (with the Company A) to some other new company (say C) with the same customer?

	If I cannot get an option to work for that customer by transferring my H1 to company C from A (with rejected petition with company B). Can I look for any other opportunities by staying unemployed with company A’s H1 petition? Is there any time frame for this?

	Are there any other issues that I can anticipate on this transfer?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  1. Yes, you can, provided you have maintained proper status until then. It is called H1B portability. ( read page 7 question 1)

    1. Well, it can be tricky. You can transfer, if your first H1B with company A is still valid. Check with attorney on this.

    2. It is a little complicated situation, I would check with attorney on this.

    3. Not really as long as all the documents are filed properly.