H1 Transfer Question on RFE

I changed my job last summer (My previous H1b is valid until December 2019) … Right now I am working with a new company on H1B receipt and I got a RFE.

To be on safer side I am thinking to change my job again and file a new H1 transfer (file H1 transfer in premium).

Is it a safer option to change the job (with the current RFE).

What will happen to my existing H1b transfer which is in the RFE status?

Thank You so much.

Fundamental: There is NOTHING called H1B Transfer in the immigration books.
Each H1 is its own new petition. (if you are selected from an annual selected quota, it would be referred as NON-Quota/cap petition, if not, your petition falls under that year’s annual cap/quota. Thats only the difference).
Having said that, each of your H1B petitions are independent(as if you got three jobs at a time). You can choose to work with any of the H1B employers at any time BUT you MUST work with AT LEAST one H1B employer to be in status.