H1 Transfer Query to my current organization

My h1-B is till under process this year, if I get the Visa stamp and after entering into US on new H1-B is there any time limit to wait or legal formailities to transfer the H1-B visa to my current company who is a big IT Consulting organization?



You need few paystubs (2-3) from your initial petitioner (or they may doubt your intentions). The new Employer may file a Transfer on the day you have landed, it is RISKY. I would not attempt to do so.

If you really want to move to your current employer, then why don’t you have them file the cap-exempt petition while you are outside US and then enter to work for them directly.

If you have filed through a desi consulting company, do you know if they will have a project ready for you in US and will pay you while on bench?

thanks saurabh and hiritpeople, I was just looking for the different ways and I’m going to do anything which effects my careers and the position of my current petitioner.