H1 Transfer immediately after landing in US

I got h1b stamped last year but since that opportunity with my employer is not open anymore, i haven’t been sent to US. Now I am trying to explore some other options.
There is one employer who is ready to transfer the H1, but i have following questions:
1. His attorney says that I can travel to US on currently stamped visa and as soon as I reach there, they will do the transfer and I can start working for them. I am not sure if this is doable as when I am doing the transfer in US, I should have payslip from last employer, which, in this case, I will not have. could someone tell me if this is correct.
2. As i have never traveled to US, if i do the transfer to another employer, is the current stamping with approved i797 good enough to enter US, are there any issues being reported at the POE with this arrangement.

I don’t think so this is possible. If the immigration officer at the port of entry ask you the original peition and verifies your employment then you will be deported. You need to get all your transfer process done while you are here and then travel.

Thank you so much so i have transfer my h1b while i were in Inida.Can i travel once i get the recipt number ??

Please help me with my above question