H1 transfer from India, never travelled to U.S on H1 visa before.


I'm currently in India and possess valid H1 stamping through Company A. For some reason Company A never invited me, so i didn't get opportunity to go to U.S on H1. Now i've initiated H1 transfer from India through Company B.

Company B filed a CAP exempt petition which is in-progress.

[b]My query is, after Company B's petition get approved, can i travel to U.S with Company B's approved Petition with Company A's H1 visa Stamp.[/b]

[b]Or, Should i go for another Visa interview to get Company B's H1 visa stamp to enter U.S?[/b]

[b]Note: I've never travelled to U.S on H1B visa before and am initiating H1 transfer from India. This would be my first entry to U.S on H1 Visa[/b]

Please guide me.


Legally, you can travel on B’s petition and A’s visa stamp. However, some employers prefer to have the visa stamp in their name and may ask you to appear for visa stamping again.

Check with your attorney about this.