H1 Transfer From employer A to B but never joined in B.

I am in USA now. I am currently working for employer A, having H1 B visa valid petition approved for 3 years. Employer B filed petition for H1Transfer and got approved which is valid only for 1 year. I am not yet joined in Employer B. I am working with Employer A now. 1)Is this Legal to work Employer A?

2)Do I have any issues if I will not join in Employer B?

3)Does Employer A need to file petition for H1Transfer from EmployerB to Employer A ?


  1. Yes you can legally work for employer A till your I-797 is valid

  2. No issues if you don’t join employer B as long you have valid petition from emp A and continue to work for emp A

  3. No. There is no thing as H1 transfer. Each petition is a new one. Previous I-797 is required only to prove cap-exemption.

Take it the wrong way if you want, but you also need to work on your English to be successful. It’s surprising to see what you have come up with in terms of sentences after 3 years in US.