H1 transfer effects on H4 EAD...


On June 4th I was laid off from my job and I was able to find a new job after couple of weeks. My current employer filed for my h1 and h4 transfer on June 17th in premium processing. I got the transfer approved on June 28th. My wife is working on h4 EAD which I got from my previous employer H1. She was working all the time last month even during the time I was out of job.

1). My question is since I was out of job and out of status for couple of weeks does it have any effect on the H4 EAD.

  1. .Is her H4 EAD still valid (the validity period on that is till end pf next year) even though my h1 is transferred to a different employer?


  1. She should have stopped working while you were out of status, but I don’t think it would be an issue.

  2. Yes, H-4 EAD is still valid until its expiration date.