h1 transfer back to forth to old and new employers

Hi ,

I am in a big dilemma . kindly help me.

I have H1b Approved petition which was filed by company A and currently in india.

I dont have h1b visa stampling. i have the approved pettion number

company A is finding difficulty in getting client for me . so i have decided to go for H1 transfer with B and C companies.

can multiple h1 transfer be initiated at a time by company B and C. during this transfer process if company A is able find some client . can i go back to A if other h1 transfer is completed or in progress.

Thank you - awating your response

You need to know that H-1 is not really “transferred”. B and C will file their own petitions (cap-exempt) and these can be done in parallel. In best case scenario, you may end up w/ 3 approved petitions and can decide to stick to either of those 3.

Thanks Saurabh