H1 Transfer and second RFE


Company ‘A’ filed h1 amendment/extension late (around 50 days due to delay in reply from USCiS in earlier amendment). Meanwhile got another opportunity and then resigned from company ‘A’ during my H1 transfer in premium processing with company ‘B’ by thinking that transfer will be approved. Meanwhile joined ‘B’ and received RFE on same day. Company ‘B’ learned this from attorney and sent me on unpaid leave immediately. Attorney sent me declaration template for the events which I sent and they responded to RFE ( which was due to late h1 extension filling by my ‘A’ company). Also at the same time there is an RFE on company ‘A’ extension which is not responded.

Today on USCiS website shows that second RFE is mailed. Attorney don’t know yet the reason.

My i94 expiry date is 10 April 2017. H1b is utilized for only 1 year.

Can you please advise on below questions asap. Appreciate your quick response.

  1. Am I out of status now? If yes, do I need to leave country immediately?

  2. What are the possibilities of getting approval after second RFE?

  3. What are ways of staying in USA and joining same company ‘B’? Can company ‘B’ file another H1?

  4. Can my attorney directly call USCIS and discuss my case with them?

Appreciate your quick response.



Kind request to all to respond asap if you know answers to above questions. Awaiting responses.

Thank you.