H1 Transfer and H1 Extension in parallel and both are approved, which one will precede ?

Dear All,

I have been member on this site for a long time. This group helped me inearlier days when I applied H1 for first time.

Now Im in difficult situation need your guidance.

I’m working for Employee A, my visa and I94 will expire by 18 SEP 2017. (this is my third year and 3 more years I have in this petition)

I’m planning to initiate my visa extension by exactly 18th MAR 2017 via premium processing(since we can apply for extension 6 months before expiration date - Not sure this is true? )

In the meantime, I’ve given my final interview with the Employer B. Incase if they select and offer me, they will initiate my transfer my H1 may be MAR 15th or 16th.

As my Employer A extension and Employer B H transfer happens around same time, below are my questions

  1. Is it valid to apply for H1 transfer by Employer B with the original H1 copy which has SEP 2017 end date ?

  2. IF H1 extension from Employer A is approved on MAR 28th and Employer B H1 transfer is approved after like MAR 30. Which one will precede ? Is both are valid ?

  3. On the otherway, H1 transfer from Employer B is approved by MAR 26th what would be the end date on the notice. Whether it will 18 SEP 2017 or. It will be provided for 3 years. (Employer B will request for 3 years as they are one of the fortune 500 company

I got all these doubts as they stopped Premium Processing from APR 3rd onwards.
Please help me.

Appreciate your support