H1 transfer after approval and before stamping


    My H1 has been approved this year. before this i was working on F1 (OPT). My status should automatically update to H1 on Oct 1 2015. I have an offer from another employer. Can i go for H1 transfer before stamping or should i first go for stamping and then H1 transfer. Please advise me of any risks involved and what should be the ideal way in this scenario. 

Thanks in advance

Another employer can file for cap-exempt petition for you (aka H-1 transfer). Later when you travel outside US, you get H-1 stamped using current employer’s petition and then return to US.

BTW, your status is updated to H-1, only if H-1 was approved w/ COS i.e. it came w/ an attached I-94.

Hello Saurabh, thank you for your reply. Little confused over the term “current employer”. Does it refer to my employer right now or my new employer?
Because if new employer has already filed a cap-exempt for me, shouldn’t it be new employer’s petition under using which i should get stamp?

I meant whoever you want to work with after entering US and have an approved petition with.