H1 Transfer after 1 month with a single pay slip


I landed in US in mid Feb 2013 . I got my SSN in first week of march . Its almost 1 month and my employer was unable to provide me a job . I got a fulltime oppurtunity and they want to do H1 transfer to me .I dont have any pay slip till now . My employer said he would run a payslip at the end of this month . uSING that payslip can i start my transfer process ? Anyway he wont generate pay slip for feb 20 to feb 28 , will that be a problem as i dint have SSN during that time .My qns are

  1. what happens if h1b transfer get denied

  2. if transfr is sucessful can i still stay back with old employer

  1. There was a recent case where the H-1 transfer was approved and the case was similar to yours. The person got SSN after the delay and H-1 transfer was applied w/o payslips. USCIS issued RFE for payslips and attorney responded saying that as there was no SSN, no salary was paid. I think he submitted proof of when SSN was applied and approved. USCIS eventually approved the H-1 transfer.

  2. Yes, you will end up w/ two approved petitions. You can decide to stay w/ current employer or move to the new one.