H1 to L1A conversion from us as my company has office India also


i m on h1b , it is valid till sep 13 but I want to convert it to L1A from my company as we have offices in India also.

What process should I follow

do I need to go to India or l1 can be converted here.

will they reject my h1 also if l1 not got approved.

If I m going to India for L1 but my wife will be here if my l1 gets aproved do she need to go back to India for stamping or she can have COS here only.

You can get your L1 processed while you are in US only. Petition can be filed w/ COS and can include your wife’s L2 application too.

But to be eligible for L1, you should have been working for one continuous year in the petitioner's foreign entity within the 3 years preceding entry to US.

Excerpt from USCIS website: To qualify, the named employee must generally have been working for a qualifying organization abroad for one continuous year within the three years immediately preceding his or her admission to the United States.