H1 to L1 while joining company

I am going to join my h1b sponsor near my visa expiry. I am going to travel soon and the sponsor is going to file for an extension after I reach. Now, have a doubt whether it can convert my visa from h1 to l1. I have heard the hr talking something similar, which is worrying. I heard someone can’t file an L1 if the employee is already not with the company for one year. Please help.


L-1 can be applied if you have worked for that employer for at least 1 year outside US in the previous 3 years. In addition, the work you do on L-1 should make use employer specific tools, technology, skills and expertise, which is not commonly known outside the employer.

Do you satisfy these requirements?

No Saurabh, none of the points you mentioned is true for me. I have worked for their India entity for 9.5 months and my expertise is not something company specific

In that case they cannot get L1 for you. If you travel on H1 they would have to employ you on that visa only.