H1 to H4 COS in US, What are documents needed?

H1 to H4 COS in US,

What are the documents needed for filling H4 within US?

My wife is on H1 and I’m on H1B and my visa expires in 3 months and I’m planning to change to H4 as dependent as I’m not sure if my perm gets approved by then. she has an extension for her H1B in nov which will be filled in May '16. Can I get my h1 to H4 COS done in April (prior) or should I wait till May and file my h4 along with her extension done through her employer. Thanks

If you apply for COS now, it will only be valid until her current 797 expiration date. This means you will have to file H4 extension soon after.

If your COS is applied along with her extension then you will receive H4 until her extended 797.

Documents needed include your proof of status (recent payslips, 797, I94) and your spouse’s proof of status (recent payslips, 797, I94) and proof of marriage (certificate, card etc).

Thanks Saurabh.

So the best would be to go with second point which you suggested.I’m just wondering if the time would be sufficient.

After applying H4 Can I resign my current job? or do I need to wait till my H4 gets Approved? Thanks

Your status remains H-1 until COS gets approved. So I would suggest remaining employed until that time. Think about it, if you leave job and then COS is denied for some reason, what will you do?

When going the 2nd route, you can apply for PP so that you can get an earlier decision and can then resign from the company.

Absolutely right… Thanks for you’re suggestions.