H1 to H4 COS in process, travel to India

My H1 to H4 status change filed on Jan 23 is in Initial Review stage.


I am traveling to India on 1st June and will be back on 15 July, I have H4 stamping on passport valid till March 2015, in this situation I need some suggestion. 


1. What if my H1 to H4 petition is in process, when I travel to India? Can I come back on previous H4 stamping (valid till March 2015)? Any problem at port of entry?


2. What if my H1 to H4 petition is denied before or during my India stay? 

Do I need to go for H4 stamping in India to return to USA on H4?


3. When does the COS process get abandoned? When I leave the country or when I re-enter US? 


Thanks in advance. Please reply asap.

Your pending change of status to H-4 WILL be denied because you left the country. It is automatically abandoned when you leave. But, since you have a valid H-4 visa stamp ,you can just return in H-4 status using that.