H1 to H4 Convertion Need suggestion


I came US on Nov-2014 and my consultancy is not running payslip until now. and they are trying to Cancel my H1 and trying for H4 with my husband working on H1 with the same consutlancey. I came to know is for H4 transfer also i need to submit my latest paystubs along with all other documents. Is there any chance do H1 transfer with some other consultancy without paystubs? Can you please suggest me, how can i proceed with this situation.

  1. What you have heard about the need for H4 COS from H1 is not true. Your H4 visa is based on your spouse’s H1B status validity. So, you can freely get to your H4 status based on your spouse’s H1B status at this moment.(but there is a slight 5% chance that the USCIS may ask you to show that you have been in legal status in the past. Your H1 status without payslips is illegal, but dont be panic, this issue is usually not a case).

  2. If you try to move to transfer/extend your current H1, you must supply the recent paystubs.

Better get to H4 stats ASAP to be safe.