H1 to H4 Conversion and Using Existing EAD

I’ve an existing H4 EAD valid till 2021. My fresh H1 is approved with COS to H1 few days. Due to some personal situation i want to change to H4 & get back to EAD again. can i use existing EAD once COS to H4 is approved? Or do i need to apply for EAD as well again?

Technically, the validity of H4 EAD is tied to the H4 holder’s status. I have not seen a situation like yours before, so I don’t know the right answer. But, my two cents, do check with your attorney. In my view, you should be able to use it, as soon as your H4 status is active. The employers will use your H4 and h4 EAD card for I-9 compliance…
As I said, please double check with an attorney before you puruse this. Also, do update here for community benefit.