H1 to H4 - Change of Status and no Paystubs


Can anyone please help me on below status change:

I am on H4 and had a valid visa till sep,2015.My H1b got approved Oct,2013 and I am on H1 status from oct,2013 to till now(i.e Mar 2015).My employer could not find any project and did not go into payroll. I am planning to change my status from H1 to H4.

My Questions are:

1)What is the best way to change my status from H1 to H4 without pay stubs. I would like to get my Change of Status in US if possible. I am planning to apply for my(change of status+extension) along with my husband H1 extension in premium.

2)Is it common to get RFE asking for paystubs as there is no need to submit at the time of applying for change of status from H1 to H4 in US using I539.

3)If there is a RFE for paystubs or something else I can withdraw my petition right? Can I then go back to home country and get my H4 stamped? Will this RFE impact me in future during green card processing etc.

4)I go through so many blogs saying going out of country and getting stamped on h4 is the best way…If I do this, Is there any chances to ask about my H1-B visa and pay stubs during stamping or port-of-entry.

5)If I decide to go to home country for stamping, in DS160 form for the question “were you previously employed?” Should I say Yes or No.

Please suggest me in this regard soon.

Thank You

same question for me also can any one please answer


I am also in the same situation. could you please let me know if you have take any decision ??