H1 status is not updated in Immigration Records. Hence DMV denies license.


I am in H1(from H4) status since January. When I approached DMV for taking up the Driving knowledge test, I was denied saying that my H1 status is not updated in the Immigration database eventhough I carried all my originals ( 6 point proof ).

I was asked to contact the USCIS. When I contacted the USCIS over phone, I was asked to take an Infopass to discuss the issue.

Has anybody had this kind of issue? It is already 6 months now since I got my H1 and SSN, but still the status is not updated in the immigration records.

Does taking an infopass help? I am concerned especially since I am planning to make an India trip. Would this cause problems when I go for stamping?

Thanks for your inputs.



I am in same exact situation can you please help me what happened when you went for stamping. I am also going for Stamping in Canada 10 days . Did INS status not updated had any impact on H1b Stamping. I really appreciate your help.