H1 status has not been updated in I- 94 portal

Hi, My employer notified me that my h1 is approved for premium processing. Its been 1 month since my H1 has been started but still, I do not see visa status type as H1b but F1. Can you please help me here understand on this like when can I see the change of visa status on the I-94 portal?

And also what are all the necessary things to confirm and keep updated after my h1 is approved? This will help me just in case my employer wants to hold me or if I would like to change the employer.

Thank you for your help and time.

The online I-94 will not show any change of status, rather it shows the status at the time you entered the US.
Your H1B (if new visa lottery) will start effective 1st October and if your employer also applied for change of status from F1 to H1B with cap-gap, your status will change to H1B on 1st October.

Talk to your employer’s immigration attorney for further information as they can provide you correct information as it relates to your case.

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi thanks for your reply.

My h1 one was picked for last year in third lottery. My employer has provided digital copy where it shows that my h1 has been started already the day it was approved. So, when I check it in official website (I94 - Official Website) it still shows F1 but not changed to h1. My assumption is it will be changed after I finish my Stamping. Not sure how true is it but need to confirm here.

Online I-94 is only issued at the port of entry. Your H1B petition approval notice (I-797) will have H1B I-94 attached. Talk to your employer and their immigration lawyer to provide you with the copy of H1B approval notice.