H1 Start Date ?. .

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Presently I am on L1 visa and I have applied for H1 Visa (COS) on 8 June2012. Its status is still “Initial Review” on USCIS website.

Question :

  1. Whenever it will be approved in next few days, what will be the Start Date to start working on H1? Is it 1st Oct 2012 or the date of H1 approved? Lets say, the H1 will be approved on 5 Nov 2012 then IS it having 5Nov 2012 as start date or Is it effective with backdate 1st Oct 2012?

Please Suggest.

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If it gets approved w/ COS from L-1 to H-1, then the start date would be actual approval date (i.e. Nov 5 in your example). It is Oct 1 only when the petition gets approved prior to Oct 1.