H1 Stamping - should I go to canada ?

Hi ,

I came to USA as a student in 07 and finished master. Worked in OPT for whole 29 months. Then my employer filed H1b which was approved on february 2012 but some mistake in part of my consultancy happened and they didnot apply the COS. But they applied COS and it has been past 90 days but there is no information yet about COS, but very hopeful it will come very soon. I need to go back to home country(Nepal) around end of November 012… I am hearing news about 221g back home a lot so I am scared. My question is should I go to Canada for stamping and go to my country ? The other thing that worries me is my H1 is via consultancy its not direct hire would that affect stamping. I am working with clients since last year for the same employer. Should I go back to home country or to canada for stamping in such a short h1 approval date ?

Really worried, please reply.