H1 stamping question with 2 approvals

I have 2 H1 petitions with same employer.

  1. Petition 1: Valid till 2023
    Location1 (my US address is here)
  2. Petition 2: Valid till 2024

NOTE: Location 1 and 2 are different states.
Before I could move to Job location2, I travelled to India for a medical problem and have been working remotely.

Can I apply for H1B stamping using Petition 1 even if I am no longer in that role?
I am not sure about using petition 2 as my US address is not in that location.


You shouldn’t if you already have an amended petition approved.

Doesn’t matter. Just use petition 2 as that is the job you will perform after entering the US. You will be relocating to the location 2, right?

Thanks Kalpesh!
Yes, I plan to relocate to location 2 after I re-enter the US

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