H1 stamping needed for H4 VISA interview

Hi, I got my H1B petition approved this year and want my wife to appear for H4 VISA. should she require a copy of my H1B stamping as a mandatory document for the approval? I can provide all other documents.

Please advise. Thanks!

Is your H1B visa stamped? If yes, then your petition should be enough for her to carry along with other documents to prove that she is married to the person on the petition.

Thank you for the reply.

I dont have my H1 VISA stamped yet, just the petition got approved. Is the H1 stamping necessary for H4 VISA interview?

The reason why I asked about your H1 stamping is that I believe you and your wife are not going for stamping together. Also, do you want to get her H4 stamped before your H1 is stamped. Gob forbid, if you visa is denied or delayed, the H4 of your wife will be of no use. So either got for stamping together or get your H1 stamped first if you plan to go separately.

Yes, we are not going together. That is why I’m asking, is my H1 stamping ncessary for her H4 VISA interview? How important is the H1 stamping if I dont leave US ?

So you are inside US and H-1 was approved w/ COS. It is not mandatory for you to get the visa stamped prior to her. However, treat her H-4 interview as seriously as your own H-1 visa interview. This means send her the documentation required for your H-1 stamping (employer/project stuff etc).

If your H-1 visa was stamped then consulate would have already reviewed these docs from you (if they wanted to). However, if she is going for H-4 interview first, then they will have never get a chance to review these docs. Not saying that they will necessarily ask for it, but better to be prepared.

Dear Saurabh,

Thank you very much for clarifying my doubt.

Hello saurabh, were you able to get the h4 visa priorto h1 stamping? Please advise.

Hi abcsqr

Yes, my wife got her H4 stamped even though I did not have H1 stamped.
The interview was very very simple. The VO just checked the I-797 and asked the following

  1. How did your husband get this job?
    By applying online while on CPT.

  2. Since how many years has he been with this employer
    1 year. My H1 will start this Oct.

  3. Your VISA is approved, your passport will be delivered to you.
    Thank you

Hi michigan85,

I called the us visa help desk and they directed me to the info email address. I emailed them explaining that I have all the documents except for the stamped H1. visa. They replied it is advised that the principal applicant have h1 stamped.
If I appear for the biometrics and they still want me to have a stamped H1 how do I convince them that it can be done based on other i797 and rwlated documents? I will be going to the mumbai consulate. Please advise amd thank you again for your reply.


If they say that way, then you cannot convince them I believe because the help desk is the authority. H1 stamp is good but not necessary, is what I found out based on my research. So, its up to you how you want to act. All the best!