H1 Stamping due to COS


Came to US on L1 in Jan 2013 and changed to H1 through COS in Nov 2013. Since then I am working as a consultant with a desi company for various clients.

I need to travel to India for personal reason so I need to go for Stamping.

My current project is for a client project, however I am working for their client in their facility (my company-> Vendor - > End client).

I recently got H1 amendment done on PP for the travel purpose. The current petition, LCA indicates the current project details. In addition I have got the SOW copy as well as a letter from vendor.
I have following questions.

  1. Do I need any other supporting documentations? I am not sure if I can a letter from end client

  2. Due to my travel, if the vendor replaces my role with some other resource, will it affect my stamping. As soon as I travel to India I will go for stamping, but will this be a issue?

  3. FYI, I have 3-4 US visa stamping so far.

Any urgent view will be appreciated

Fetching a client letter would be very useful. Even at least few lines without more details like “Mr. XXXX has been working since XX/XX/XXXX as a Sr. Technical Cooli in our project at our XXXX location. For any further details, feel free to contact Sr. Coolie Manager…” that helps.
Try your luck…
At minimum, try to get a letter from your one or two co workers…

ha… nice way to put that we are working as Cooli whether technical or non-technical.

I do have what you stated already. I was asking is there any cross-check happens with the company by consulate? Customer may end the project if I am not available for 1-2 weeks because of this visit.

USCIS may check with the letter provider but its not common.
But you are safe since on the day of the letter issued, you are working with the client. Its genuine. Later if USCIS kept on keeping you in pending status, its not guaranteed that you will be in the same project/client or even its not guaranteed that some one would be alive (on the fun side). So, If there is such search, your employer can nicely reply that you took break and the client is going to put you on another project.

Thanks indicating they will not scrutinize so much, its a matter of 2 weeks. I hope client will be okay for the travel and keeps me in the project. In case if they are not I just go for stamping with keeping my fingers crossed. My perm is approved, will it help if I say that my perm is already approved for visa stamping in case of some issues?

Your PERM (or any stage of your immigration petition) doesnt influence your non-immigration petition beyond the non-immigration petition extension eligibility. So, dont worry.