h1 stamping concern regarding indian work exp


I recently graduated in dec’11 from some US university in Texas, right now working through some employer for a reputed client.

I have around 2.6 yrs of exp in India prior coming to usa for studies but the thing is that indian company is no longer existing.

so do i show my indian exp during my h1 satmping interview coz if i show it wont be verified or i can do away by not showing indian work exp at all, just show my indian & usa education and my current usa work exp.

Need suggestions asap.


A question for you:

have your h1b being already accepted? Just curious! Sometimes you need to send your resume along with the application, and if you have mentioned your past company in your resume and it got through, then might be you were lucky.

I don’t think there can be a defined answer to this question, it depends on the fairness of the information and no-misrepresentation.

The thing is i mentioned the indian empoyer name while appying for F1 visa, tht time employer exists, but now my current employer in US fil be filing my h1b soon so should i mention my indian employer in resume or not?

Well, I won’t answer that for you but I will give you the scenario:

If you mention, then you are highlighting the experience, and it adds value to the profile of the candidate, on the hindsight, if they do a check and find the company doesn’t exist now then there could be hick ups, but in no case are you making a false claim as the company did exist when you applied . If you have experience letters add that with the application.
There can be an REF on that, but make sure if they ask you proof of your employment with tht company you have something like letter or pay stubs to show.