H1 stamp IMPS payment error

I need to get H1 visa appointment in India. I filled in DS-160, updated the profile on https://portal.ustraveldocs.com.
On payment page, it showed me Total Fee (1 x 205 x 84.00) INR 17220.00. But when I clicked on IMPS payment method it showed me INR 15960 as the total fee. IMPS page also said “THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Do not pay twice if you have any doubts. Please ensure you pay the exact amount listed below.”
So I paid INR 15960 on 6/17/2023 and today on 6/20, on entering the receipt number, I got the below error:

“The receipt number entered, xxx , is not a complete MRV fee payment. To schedule an appointment with this receipt number, please pay INR 1260 via the same method used for the original payment. It is extremely important to use the same receipt number when making the second payment.”

If I make the remaining payment, I think it will generate a different receipt number (it says to use the same receipt number). Is there anything I can do to resolve this?