H1 revoked but have l2 EAD can I exit and work on EAD i.e. Valid till 2018


I was on l2 EAD valid till 2018. Did cos to h1. But not joining h1 employer hence he is revoking it now since I m out of status planning to enter on l2 . Can I start working on EAD as it is valid till 2018. Pls advice

Yes, you can work on L-2 EAD. EAD is not revoked when COS is approved and can be reused if you enter on L-2.

But i have read in other forums that once i do cos ead becomes invalid and if i come back to l2 i should be applying new ead is that true??

I have a job on EAD with other employer kindly suggest

Here is a more detailed answer: EAD cannot be used when the person is not on L-2 status. However, USCIS doesn’t invalidate the already approved EAD card. As long as you remain on H-1, you cannot use that EAD card. But once you enter on L-2 visa, your status becomes L-2 and that EAD can be used.

IMO, it can still be used once you re-enter US on L-2. You can check w/ an attorney.

If you have another employer lined-up, their attorney can help you w/ this.