h1 revoke done by mistake, h1 transfer , 194 stamping?

My husband’s employer A revoked h1b by mistake, while he is working in a project.A has also signed the extension with the vendor for my husband’s project (breach of contract). The moment we got the email notice of decison for revoke, applied for transfer same day. now we got the new reciept number from employer B, and waitng for approval . Petition filed in premium processing. Now the employer A wants to reinstate him back(not sure when). Another one week left for the approval for new petition. My husband’s 194 is not been stamped since we came here 5 yrs ego.My question is does he have to step out of the country for 1-94 stamping? He has all the docs in place, including all the paystubs current,only for a week he remained out of status .Please help with info, Does he had to go out of country for stamping? Does he have to go back to india only? or can he go to canada? If he gets stuck in canada or india, then what do we do with all stuff here? lease? school, car all household things? etc?What if we get stuck and we are not stamped do we get chance to come back here and dispose of stuff? Why will we not get stamped with all paystubs and doc in line and timely transfer?Pls help with info