H1 Processing when already have approved petition

I was in India working for company A with a valid L1B

A consultant company B applied for H1 petition in April 2016

Company A decided to move me to US in May and i moved in June 2016

I notified company B that i’m no more interested but by that time my petition was picked by lottery

I notified company B again, not to pursue my H1 as i am not interested

Now company A is planning to file for H1 in CoS from L1 to H1 in April 2017

I can see on USIS site that my previous petition from company A is showing approved

But i dont have I-797 or any pay stub from company B as i never started

I’m planning not to disclose about last year petition to my current company A

If i dont mention and they file with cap, will that be an issue from USIS as i already have a previous petition approved ?

If i disclose to company A that i have an approved petition from company B but dont have I-797 or any pay stub, will that help in transfering that petition ? I heard it needs pay stub to transfer.

Please suggest !