H1 petition validity - 6 years?

Dear Team,

A question for you..


1. I got an approved H1 notice [b]I-797B[/b] issued on Aug 2008.

2. Notice was valid from Oct 2008 - Aug 2011

[b]3. I never went for H1 Visa stamping[/b]

As per H1 rules a Notice or visa once issued is exempt from Quota for a period of 6 years. 



1. In my case am I still exempt from Qutoa and can apply for renewal anytime using old approval notice?

2. What is the start date of my 6 year period, [b]Oct 2008[/b] [b]OR Aug 2011?[/b]

[b]3. [/b]If I will be exempt from quota is it till [b]Oct 2014 [/b]or [b]Aug 2017, [/b]depending on if I add 6 years to the notice start(Oct 2008) or end date( Aug 2011)?


Please help clarify as wanted to know how much quota exempt time I have if any, for reneweing my petition.


Thank you!



PS: I have spent 2.5 years in US on L1 Visa - 2010 Aug - Mar 2013

It is 6 years from Oct 2008.