H1 petition transfer from consultancy ‘A’ to 'B', before stamping

Hi [Saurabh](http://redbus2us.com/qa/user/Saurabh),
My H1 petition got approved from consultancy ‘A’. Stamping is yet to be done.

1. Now I am staying in India. In this situation, is it possible to transfer my petition to some other consultancy ‘B’.


2. Is it fine to apply fresh H1 from consultancy ‘B’ for the year of 2014, having  of H1 petition from consultancy ‘A’?

Please suggest.




You can go for both the options, if you chose to go with option A you do not need to wait till 1st April to filie your new petition.

But , the copy of petition is will be with employer so in this case how can option A be utilzied

You do not need the copy of I797. If you have the case number with you then that along with a screen shot from the USCIS website showing your case status should be enough.