H1 if denied at port of entry does it affect family based green card under processing


I have valid H1 approved and stamped valid till Jun 2020 but I could not travel to US as were my parents were sick and I was attending them. Now they have recovered fully and now I was to use my H! and proceed to USA on job using my H1. Also my brother who is American citizen applied family based green card for me in 2008 and this green card petition is in process.

  1. If for any reason if my H1 is denied at port of entry does it affect my green card processing. Please enlighten me.


Well, technically your H1B is not denied in your hypothetical scenario. It is just that you were not allowed to enter US at Port of Entry due to some reason. It all depends on the reason for denial of entry at PoE…If you get any bar for entry due to potential fraud, your other entry would also be impacted. It is hard to guess as it all depends on reason for entry denial and the case details.