H1/H4 Extension question - Delays with New Biometrics, Travel

Looking for some suggestions :

My current petition is valid until 20th Mar 2020. I hope I Can apply the extension after 20th Sep 2019 (6 months before).
I am Planning to go India Nov 1st week.
If I file extension with Premium and there is a possibility of getting extension before 1st Nov.
I am hearing now a days H4 extension is taking time.

Is it good to file the H4 extension?
Is it OK to travel if the H4 extension is in process?
Or Is it OK to travel without filing H4 extension? As current petition is valid until March 2020?

For stamping in India can I (H1B) go with new petition? and for H4 stamping with old petition?

Yes, it is taking longer for H4 as there they are not doing in premium anymore. It is hard to say how long it can take for H4. You can readH4 Experiences with Biometrics

Regarding Travel, read Can I travel with H4 Pending with USCIS , all your questions are answered.
Yes, you can take H1B approval and go for dropbox or normal H4 stamping.

Thank you so much for your reply Kumar. The last time i went for stamping was in 2012. It has been 7 years. On my passport only 2012 stamping is there.

If in case i applied extension i got the approval and travel to India.
Do I need to go for stamping with my old I-797 or new I-797?
Old one is valid until March 2020. I think new one they will give from March 2022. If I go with new one does they provide stamping from March 2020?
If they provide from March 2020 i think i should not travel until March 2020?

Thanks in Advance.

You should use the latest one that has the longer validity for stamping. You may use the old one, but you will get Visa stamping until that period only, so it is better to go after extension is approved and use that for stamping.

Thanks Kumar. One issue here is my passport has only 2012 visa stamping. If I go with new I-797 will they give from March 2020? In that case I am not eligible to travel back correct until March 2020? Or do they give from old date as well?

Please advice.

They will give from the day you attend until the validity of the petition that you use to attend. So, you can use that to travel…

Hi Kumar
I am in a similar situation with my H1 extn approved while dependents H4 is still in progress
We had to travel to India on a medical emergency
Please let me know if my H4 dependent and I can still go for drop box together even though H4 extn is in progress

@santhosh1723, yes she can go for drop box. Read the links in solution response, it has all the details.