H1 + H4 dropbox in India

Hi, has anyone done a dropbox for H1 + H4 simultaneously in India? Do I need 2 appointment slots or 1? Its hard enough to get 1, its impossible to get 2 together. I paid for both h1/h4 and have 1 receipt number. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

You should be able to add dependents in your CGI account and book one appointment for primary and dependents.

Are you sure about this- I.e have you done it recently? I can’t tell because finding slots is so tough but asked a few friends and company lawyer today and they said i’d need separate slots for Dropbox. Interview you can do together.

If all applicants under the same account are going for dropbox togather, the system should be able walk through the dropbox eligibility questions for each applicant.

Go through below links and let me know if you have further questions. Optionally you can always call VFS helpdesk and ask for help.