H1, H4 and H4EAD concurrent filing, RFE on H1 and H4EAD but not on H4


My husband has I-140 approved. This is our second extension.
My husband’s employer’s attorney had filed H1B extension (for my husband), my H4 and my H4 EAD (extensions) in January.
2 weeks ago, the attorney received RFE for my husbands H1
I received RFE at my home for my H4EAD.

But the status for my H4 petition (i-539) shows Name updated on USCIS website and neither the attorney nor we have received any RFE for my H4 (I-539).

Now the attorney is in process of drafting RFE response for my husband’s H1.

So what should we do here for my H4? Do we respond to H1 RFE only without mentioning anything about my H4 petition?
I am really confused what to do here.

Please help.


if you have the RFE for your H4 EAD, then you should address it.

when your attorney sends the H1B RFE response, it is good to send your RFE info as well, if you have got for H4EAD. If you do not have any RFE for your H4 EAD, then no need to do anything.

Name was updated is a very generic update and does not mean anything, it is an internal status update. You can read more at H1B Status Messages Info USCIS